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Roles of an Occupational Therapist & Therapy Guide

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What Does an Occupational Therapist Do?

An occupational therapist job profile and role are centred on helping individuals. Enabling them to lead fulfilling lives through assessment, intervention, rehabilitation, and educational therapy. 

Occupational therapists give clients the direction and support they need to reach their objectives. Whether they are struggling with physical limitations, mental health issues, developmental disability, or any other health problems. Ultimately, the main role of occupational therapists is to enable individuals to use techniques to improve their functional independence and enhance their quality of life. 

Our Occupational Therapy Services

At Consultant at Home, we are a UK-based group of therapists specialising in delivering high-quality occupational therapist services. The goal of our team of experienced occupational therapists is to help our clients to live a more independent and fulfilling life.

Our Aims & Goals

Our Occupational therapy program creates a tapestry of possibilities, knowledge, and compassion. It’s fundamentally a catalyst for transformation. It’s our job to make changes in people’s lives, removing obstacles and setting milestones with each therapeutic activity. 

Assessment and Evaluation

During the assessment & evaluation process, an occupational therapist accesses an individual’s physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities. After completion of a comprehensive evaluation, we will understand an individual’s strengths, limitations, and specific needs. This guides our occupational therapists in starting the correct rehabilitation programme and treatment plans. 

Improving Quality of Life with Occupational Therapy

Therapy occupational roles change situations, from the workplace to the home. Our goal is to accommodate difficulties and promote success. All are designed to assist clients to overcome challenges in daily life. Such as using a kitchen after suffering a spinal injury or learning self-care techniques while suffering from cognitive decline.

Treatment Planning & Goal Setting

Therapy Planning & treatment requires us to take into account an individual’s assessment, goals, and interventions. Setting goals creates objectives that are precise, measurable, doable and time-bound. Whilst being in line with the person’s aspirations. Effective progress tracking and changes are ensured by our communication and frequent appraisal. Goal-setting and treatment planning work together to direct medical interventions towards substantive well-being gains.

Therapeutic Activities

Examples of therapeutic activities include relaxing methods and creative expression. Occupational therapy improves strength, mobility, and communication abilities. Our therapeutic activities are tailored to each person’s needs and overseen by our OT specialists to support rehabilitation, functional skills, and overall quality of life.

Lifestyle Modifications

We advise clients on how they can control their health and well-being by making lifestyle changes at home. People can develop a better and happier lifestyle by making deliberate adjustments to their everyday habits and circumstances.

Occupational Therapy Promotes Health and Wellness

Following obstacles like injuries from accidents, physical rehabilitation helps people to regain their physical abilities. Our individualised proactive strategies integrate mental awareness. Also social involvement, emotional stability along with physical prowess. Which all lead to the health and well-being of patients. 

Qualified Therapist Wanting to Join Our Team

If you are already a qualified therapist or occupational therapy student or occupational therapy assistants working towards an occupational therapy career. As long as you are licensed occupational therapists, and registered with HCPC. Contact Consultant at Home today and apply to become part of our occupational practice.

To Get in Touch

Whether you are a potential patient or an OT professional visit our website. Here you will find all our contact information along with online contact forms. If you are a patient click “Book a Therapist” Already a licenced & HCPC registered OT professional? Click “Join as a Consultant Partner”

At Consultant at Home, we are an experienced professional network run by OT professionals for OT professionals. 

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